World of Art Database – First Iteration

This is the first iteration of the World of Art Database. At this time, there are only two very simple tables in the database. The artist table and the works of art table. They both have a column called ID which acts as the primary key of the table. I prefer to use integers as the unique key of a table. Indexing on integers is very fast and efficient. Using integers also isolates the primary keys from being affected by changes in the domain objects, which these table are used to populate with specific data.

World of Art Database - First Iteration

World of Art Database - First Iteration - SQL Server 2008

In the art world domain, one artist can create one or more works of art. The database diagram illustrates this one to many relationship between the artist and their works of art. The primary key of the Artist table is ID. The foreign key relationship is maintained by the Artist ID column in the works of art table. The artist ID is allowed to exist in only one row of the artist table, but at the same time, the artist ID can exist in one to many rows of the works of art table.

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