The Lexicon of Software is a blog site published by Tim Daniels. This site is devoted to topics in application software development. Posts from Tim are based on actual development tasks, which include coding, architecture and design. Tim will take readers through all the iterations of developing an actual software application project. The current project to be analyzed and discussed by our readers, is a web app called The World of Art.

The World of Art web app is being developed on the Microsoft ASP.Net platform, which is integrated into the Microsoft .Net framework. The coding language is C#.Net and the development environment is Visual Studio 2010.

The World of Art web app, is an actual working application, deployed and hosted at WinHost. However, the application is also intended to be a sandbox area, where we can apply the software development practices and concepts discussed in this blog.

We will be using an agile approach to developing the application, so each development iteration will have a very small set of requirements and objectives. Of course we will have to practice an adapted form of agile development, to support this “blog – develop some software – blog some more” type of project. ¬†We will be developing software that works and is tested in each iteration. We will begin with some very simple development tasks and build from there. The objective is to have a new iteration of the app built and deployed in one to two week sprint intervals.

Why develop a website devoted to the world of art?

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