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Some New Requirments

Now that the The World of Art site is up and running, lets add some content from the artist database. Here is a list of requirements for the next iteration of development;

  • Add a page to the site called artist.
  • The artist page will render a list of artists names, and place of birth.
  • The list of artists will be rendered in a grid which can be sorted.
  • There should also be a detailed view of each artist, where visitors can page through information on each artist, one at a time.
  • Prior to rendering the artist page, an automatic request or query for data, should be made to the database server, so that the page is already filled with information when the user navigates to the artist page.

For now, it’s back to Visual Studio, to develop the artist page based on these new requirements. Come back soon to see the results.

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Basic Requirements

Every software project begins with a basic set of requirements. We will use an agile approach in developing the World of Art web app. Here is a list of the initial requirements for this app.

  • Develop a working website which allows visitors to create a virtual art gallery with exhibits.
  • Registered users will be allowed to upload content featuring their favorite works of art.
  • Users will also have the ability to post information about the works of arts and the artists displayed in their gallery.

What is this all about?