Daily Archives: March 29, 2012

Date Limitation in SQL Server Database

When you visit the Artist Page at the World of Art website. Notice how the artist from the Renaissance era, all have the same birthday. While building the database, I discovered a limitation in the Microsoft SQL Server Database. While the SQL Server Database Engine does support data types of date and time, the earliest date it can support is January 1, 1753. Isn’t that peculiar?

Since art work spans the know history of mankind, at some point in the development life cycle of this application, I’m certain we will encounter requirements dealing with the historical aspects of the art world domain. At that time we will need to formulate some kind of workaround to this problem.

Artist Content Added to The World of Art Web App

The artist page has been added to The World of Art web app. This iteration of development was performed to satisfy the requirements in my previous post. The Artist Page was developed using an ASP.NET WebForm conponent, in Visual Studio 2010. The ASP.NET Web Form model, along with all of the user interface controls integrated into the model, provides a stable platform for rapid appliation development.

Anyone developing on the ASP.NET platform, should join the Microsoft ASP.net community. This is a community of developers, who are contributing enormous amounts of knowledge, along with tutorials, based on ASP.net development. At ASP.net you will also find an entire section devoted to ASP.net Web Forms

Take a few minutes and see all of the technical details on how the artist content was added to the website.