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Website Project Template or Web App Project Template

Now that we have the first iteration of the World Of Art domain defined, along with  a supporting database, it’s time to develop a website where the world of art information can be made available for public consumption.

Visual Studio 2010 provides several website and web app templates, which are already built and tested. You can also select an empty project structure and build from scratch.  I prefer to start with a pre-built project template, designed for the type of application I have in mind. This provides a solid foundation to build on, and allows me to focus more on developing for the customer’s domain.  However, one must still be careful when selecting a pre-built template. I found an excellent article called Web Application Projects versus Web Site Projects at msdn.

I decided the web application project structure would be the best choice for the world of art app. Primarily because support of database access is a critical part of the application design. The web application project provides the most flexibility for database access. It also allows me to deploy a pre-compiled application which makes deployment more straight forward.
Selecting a Project Template in Visual Studio 2010

Web Application Template Example
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