Welcome to The Lexicon of Software by Tim Daniels

Tim Daniels

Tim Daniels

The Lexicon of Software is a blog site published by Tim Daniels. This site is devoted to topics in application software development. Posts from Tim are based on actual development tasks, which include coding, architecture and design. Tim will take readers through all the iterations of developing an actual software application project.

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What is this all about?

17 thoughts on “Welcome to The Lexicon of Software by Tim Daniels

    1. Tim Daniels Post author

      One other coincident; I have two friends named Tim and they are both married to women named Anne.

  1. t4texas59

    now don’t tell me both of your friends have last names beginning with P and have wives named Anne and dogs named Rio.

  2. Tim Daniels Post author

    Hi Tim P! Thanks for playing the mystery game. Both of my friends named Tim have dogs and they both work in the software industry.

  3. t4texas59

    Your to funny. Hey I am going to share this blog with people at work since we are going to be entering the .net world.


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